The Old Order

Calmady-Hamlyn, Joan
Old Order.
ISBN/Cat.No 9781780031774 UK
ISBN-10 1780031777
Title The Old Order
Volume Title Return Home
Volume Number Pt. 3
Author/Artist Calmady-Hamlyn, Joan
Publisher Pen Press (Indepenpress Publishing Ltd)
Format Paperback; H:198; W:129; D:12; 238p.
Status In print
Publication Date 27/08/2011
Availability 24 - 48 Hours
Price £8.99£8.09
Primary Subject Fiction
Readership General/trade
As a still divided East and West Germany move uneasily into the 70s and the British come to terms with seismic social and political changes German Baron, Niclaus von Oder-Leidenfeld and his English wife, Jan deal with this new world in very different ways. The Baron finds ample opportunity to beguile, seduce and help old and new acquaintances from Britain. Jan, as a new mother to his heir, wonders at his motives, pines for her family home and questions her true place in his heart. Friends and family, with their help, are growing up, marrying and moving on. But, this new generation of Oder-Leidenfelds have yet to find their own way. Soon their problems become more immediate. The family are shocked by the arrival of a bullying officer on the border, the repressed and bitter Owen Brett-Davies, who has taken a disliking to Claus. What will he do when Claus's scheming cousin, Georg von Halberstadt, a Communist from the East plots against them? Will Claus's cold, calculating and old-fashioned ways finally be too much for Jan and her family to bear? Can the headstrong and wilful Jan accept that, sometimes, the old ways are best?Above all will Claus and Jan find a way to true love and harmony that will restore the old order to the Harzburg Estate?


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