Growing to a Ripe Old Age

Enfield, Edward
Growing to a Ripe Old Age; 50 Years in the Garden.
ISBN/Cat.No 9781849531702 UK
ISBN-10 1849531706
Title Growing to a Ripe Old Age
Subtitle 50 Years in the Garden
Author/Artist Enfield, Edward
Publisher Summersdale Publishers
Format Hardback; H:198; W:129; 192p.; col. Illustrations
Status In print
Publication Date 05/09/2011
Availability 24 - 48 Hours
Price £9.99£6.99
Primary Subject Gardening
Secondary Subject Biography & autobiography
Readership General/trade
Gardens, in my view, often involve too much gardening. This is partly to do with the nature of human beings, who will make a competition out of anything if they possibly can. Edward Enfield has only ever had one garden, but his dealings with it have extended over half a century. He came to his threequarters of an acre knowing nothing about growing anything, and this book is an account of his horticultural successes and failures, inventions and frustrations, discoveries and developments. With wry humour, he leads us through the thorny subject of roses, counts the blessings of keeping chickens and exposes the perfidy of gardening copywriters, while offering wise and witty tips on how best to enjoy the fruits of your labour.


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